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Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.
Love possesses not nor would it be possessed;
For love is sufficient unto love.



Wedding photography is like looking for tiny pockets of stillness, in the middle of a large, crowded hall, bustling with people, kids, laughter, and music. To preserve these quaint moments forever in images is a huge responsibility. There's so much going on all around, yet all of it is so magical. I really loved this feeling, especially the feeling of seeing people respond to their special moments, captured by me in photographs.  It was then, that the Idea of the creative durbar was conceived. Soon, after a few days, The Creative Durbar took birth. 

Hi, I am Sagar Kapoor, the founder of The Creative Durbar. What started as a freelance project, today, The Creative Durbar aims to provide the best photography and film services based on client budgets and requirements. We don't see it as a job rather we try to become a part of the stories we shoot, and we try to create something beautiful out of magical moments of life that can be cherished forever.  

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  • Where are you located?
    Glad you asked! We are based out of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh but we do provide our services in almost all major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Mussoorie, and more are always being added to the list.
  • How big is your team usually?
    No one likes to be crowded and obstructed by 10-15 photographers on their special day. We like to operate in teams that are big enough so that we don't miss a moment and small enough to not get in the way of you and your loved ones. In the past we have worked with a team of maximum 7 photographers but we are most productive in a team of 3-5 people.
  • Will I need to break into my savings to hire you?
    Absolutely not! Even though filmmaking and event coverage is expensive, we try to do it within your budget without compromising on quality. If needed we even create a custom package just for your wedding.
  • How much does it cost to book you guys for a wedding?
    Each wedding is unique and magical in its own way and we try to provide the best for your budget segment. We keep a lot of things in mind, the venue, number of people, if is it a day wedding or an over night one, arranged or love, do you require a cinematic video or a documentary etc. Based on multiple factors we construct a perfect budget for the event. On an average it costs anywhere between 75,000 to 2,10,000 inr for a two day wedding. But as I said, theres magic everywhere and every story is worth preserving. So we are always ready to provide you the best even at lower cost, as long as we don't have to compromise on the quality of output.
  • How much advance do you take?
    Generally we take 70-100% advance and, our booking confirmation is based on first come first serve basis.
  • How soon do you provide the edits/films?
    Though we try to do it as soon as possible, post-production is a tedious and time consuming task, in some cases even more than covering the event. We usually take anywhere between 60-90days to provide you all the deliverables. However, depending on the work load the time period can increase or decrease.
  • Do you also provide live telecasts, plasma displays, cranes etc for weddings?
    We know how much these things are in trend these days but unfortunately we do not provide these services. We believe in keeping it simple, and try to focus on aesthetic coverage of your special moments. However, we are can always try to recommend you some options from your city if we know any.
  • Do you provide any other services apart from wedding films & photos?
    So glad you asked. We do provide a wide range of services, apart from wedding coverage. Be if Fashion or food, from real-estate to baby shoots we do it all. Even Documentaries! In fact we've worked on some that are on Netfilx, Hotstar, Rekhta Foundation, Vivo etc. It you have any query/project that you are planning shoot us an email. Write to us at or contact us on 8318068776
  • Do you travel for shoots?
    Yes we do. Be it anywhere around the globe we are ready to travel. But you'll have to help us get there and find us a place to stay for the duration of your event. But don't forget to contact us in advance we may be near your venue around your booking dates.
  • Do you provide Albums, prints in your packages?
    We do not provide Albums, prints or flash drives in our packages by default, but you can always get them added separately by writing to us or contacting us on our number. The charges for printing vary from time to time, its always best to pre-book an album during booking, than weeks after the shoot.
  • Do you also do infant and kids photography?
    Absolutely we do! We love to be around kids and we absolutely adore their energy. We feel kids are most expressive when they are comfortable and feel at home. And we are all about preserving those sweet candid moments. Oh! btw, every kid gets a chocolate. Okay fine you'll get one too!
  • Do you do food/product photography?
    How wouldn't like to click some amazing products and good food. Yes we do!
  • Do you take up fashion/ apparel shoots as well?
    Thats a yes as well! Go on check out the next FAQ, I bet you've already guessed the answer ;)
  • Are you up for some conceptual/experimental shoots?
    Bam! That's a yes as well! We'd love to team up and execute your ideas and give it an aesthetic visual form.
  • Can I work with you?
    Our doors are always open for great talent. If you've got what it takes to be a wedding photographer, Write to us and and send your portfolio at studio@thecreativedurbar
  • Do you also partner with other photographers/filmmakers for shoots?
    Thats a yes! We'ed love to work on your projects! But it depends on our availability and duration of the shoot. If you have any need for a cinematographer/ camera person/ creative head for your project feel free to reach out to us.
  • I have more questions!
    Well inn that case, feel free to shoot your questions! Write to us at or contact on 8318068776 We would be happy to answer all your questions
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